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Ordinance update match / merge, cleanup

Paper / File / Box Organization / Sorting

Computer file creation / cleanup, conversation, sourcing

Assisted research / Consulting

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Genealogy and Family History Services

Our professional genealogists utilize the World’s Largest Genealogy Library with over 2.4 million microfilms, 742,000 microfiche and over 310,000 books covering over 110 countries. A wide selection of professional genealogical and research services to fit a variety of needs and budgets.

Over the years we’ve helped educate and create programs to help clients.

  • Get Tax Deductions or other Corporate write-offs for Family History and Professional Genealogist Services.
  • Avoid fraudulent guarantees of finding a certain # of names by unethical researchers.
  • Start Professional Genealogists Research on Limited $$$$dollars.
  • Start and Run effective Family Organization Research Programs
  • Organize and Computerize Your Documents in Weeks and Months rather than Years.
  • Know names are being checked to avoid duplication.
  • Have your information published.
  • Share your information easily with relatives and others.

We can help you with a variety of family history needs. Unlike many researchers or other professional research companies we do more.

How would you like to have:

  • Your calls returned
  • Your letters answered
  • Your emails answered
  • Real Customer Service! Real Follow-up!
  • Progress reports to you on your research projects
  • Research analysis and proposals to you before you pay for anything
  • A budget set and you pay NO overcharges
  • Projects completed in weeks or a few months
  • Research reports after every session
  • Written research recommendations after every session.
  • Save on ridiculous fees for copy and other expenses.

We assist people who don’t have time, want all the work done right for them, and work with those who want to do some themselves.

Computerizing records and organizing them. New Family Search Cleanup, PAF Cleanup. International and U.S. researching of families for basic genealogy or temple work, or more in-depth individual or family research for family histories or biographical information. Discovering descendants or heirs. Consulting and more.

Special Payment Plans:

Family Organization Programs
Installment Payment Plans
Tax Deductible Options

Family Organization Programs

Part of the Joy of Family Gatherings and Reunions is sharing family photos, family and individual stories and family history research.

We can help you with the following:

  • Organizing and tastefully displaying photos so everyone can enjoy and everyone can get copies.
  • Researching and displaying Family History Research that everyone can contribute to and get copies of.
  • Gathering info, notifying of info, collecting funds, follow-up and notifications on these items.

We specialize in finding families and their origins using over 30 US & International professional genealogists and family history researchers who specialize in geographic areas, time periods, and languages; utilizing the largest International Family History Library.

Our expert genealogists utilize the World’s Largest Genealogy Library with over 4.4 million microfilms, 742,000 microfiche and over 300,000 books. A variety of professional genealogical and research services to fit a variety of needs and budgets.

Our expert researchers have done work on projects for individuals, families, and companies including: Seeco, Inc., Southwestern Energy, Wilma Gardner, Reaveley Engineering & Associates and more.

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