Temple Submissions

Temple Submissions Process

Many people doing temple work do not understand the process. The most important part is first doing thorough research to document individuals and their marriages and children with full names, dates, and correct places. The more this is done the less duplication will exist.

Next people have to understand names and research to check already completed work to avoid redoing work that is already done. [Update – Temple Ready and Checking the ONline IGI (International Genealogical Index) or using PAF Insignt (now Family Insight) has been replaced with New Family Search.] Family Search and other programs are available but don’t check all variations of spellings or information. This doesn’t completely solve the problem but also reduces duplicates. Update.

A combination of all these plus analyzing properly individuals will help you determine if someones temple work has been done. As mentioned before, if the name isn’t slightly right, or the date is wrong, or the place is wrong, the ordinance was still done and does not need to be repeated.

Another part of the process –
[update – Now New FamilySearch] the work has only been submitted. Once this file is processed at the temple ordinances will appear online as being cleared [Update – in process/or submitted in some programs]. If you are not printing the cards and doing the ordinances yourself but just submitting to the temple follow the following procedure. [Update – You either assign the ordinances to you or the submitter your helping as a helper or to the temple. Then various temples pick them up. Baptisms are normally done in 1-2 weeks and the rest within 3-4 months usually.]

From the inside – James.


Temple Submissions.





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