Computer Ordinance Updating, New Familysearch/Family Tree Cleanup

Ex. You have Personal Ancestral File (PAF), Ancestral Quest, Legacy, or another genealogy program and have ordinance dates not in your file.

At ForGenerations we tackle this problem.

1. We start by creating or getting the necessary account information for NewFamilySearch/FamilyTree/LDS Account access.

2. We go through the computer files of the software you are using and synchronizing dates and temples with NewFamilySearch/Family Tree.

In this way update work we’ve already submitted with completion dates and temple or work that’s been done that others have done or we did some time ago prior to batch submission can be updated.

3. During this process we may encounter duplicates or incorrect linkages in NewFamilySearch/Family Tree.

As these are no longer correctable in New FamilySearch we correct them in Family Tree which is replacing New FamilySearch.

This can be a time consuming process. The makers of New Family Search chose to combine information from Multiple databases. (over 28) This created lots of duplicates. (Especially from multiple Ancestral File Submissions.) In addition the collaborative nature of the system allows inexperienced users to link individuals or familes that should not be linked. It also does not always pull the best information for given names, surnames, sources, dates, places, etc.

By collaborative we mean it shows up others information as well as your own. This can be confusing especially for novice or hobbyist users.

While ForGenerations can clean all of this up with proper funding, clients generally do not provide adequate funding for this. To best serve our clients we clean up only what is necessary to allow submission or updating and synchronizing of temple dates and places and individuals where possible.

By maintaining our clients files on their own computers and ours it allows them to remain clean and professional and not encumbered with the problems created in NewFamilySearch and FamilyTree.

Many compound the problems in NewFamilySearch and FamilyTree by uploading their entire files. This only adds to the duplicates in the system.

4. We identify individuals or marriages that qualify for submission that have not been done and submit them.

As part of this process we identify those names that are submitted with as Sub designation (for submitted) and date or in process designation. This makes it easy to see ordinances not done that have been submitted.

We also print tracking lists/forms for printing temple cards.

Generally we print and provide the cards for our clients along with the lists. The lists allow them to track who they gave certain cards to and what is the status of their work.

This can also be monitored on NewFamilySearch or FamilyTree as it shows ordinances done as soon as they are completed/scanned and batches uploaded(called real-time).

ForGenerations has experience working on such projects that help you determine the best approach to take.  Call us at 801-947-1897 to get started today.

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