LDS Research

LDS Research is research that covers a group of people by religion, or certain culture or heritage. Generally Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints “nicknamed Mormons” or other break off/splinter groups that emerged later from them.

Specialized records exist for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints.  In addition to church records of membership, many other records exist.

LDS research can include researching specific Church Collections for biographical information in church callings, ordinations, blessings, histories, and ordinances.

Similiar to Ethnic Groups, these LDS members settled together in various geographic locations some of which included members only.  These settlements in America led to additional records of newspapers or writings specific to the LDS members.  They often contain genealogical or family history information.

As they were often fleeing religious persecution, colonization records or histories of many communities were founded by LDS Church members and may contain valuable genealogy and family history information.

Special LDS services are available through ForGenerations which update ordinances specific to the LDS Church for individuals, baptisms, confirmations, initiatories, endowments, sealings to children, and sealings to spouses.  These updates can be done to genealogy files in Gedcom, PAF, Ancestral Quest or other formats.

In addition to updates, cleared but incomplete ordinances can be prepared for clients for temple work.  Completed temple work by batches can be printed.  Printouts of cleared but uncompleted ordinances can be printed, and temple cards for cleared temple ordinances can also be printed.

LDS research generally begins by Researching New Family Search/Family Tree submitted Pedigree Charts and Family Group records for potential clues. These user submitted trees are often times undocumented and may have errors or be entirely correct or incorrect.  It becomes the researcher or users responsibility to verify the accuracy of the information.  These sets of records come from LDS Membership records, Temple Records(Temple Index Bureau “TIB”, Ordinance Index “OA”, International Genealogical Index “IGI”, Special Collections and others), Multiple User submitted trees from Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource File “PRF”, and other database records. (over 28 different databases included).

LDS Membership records in these databases routinely fail to list death place or burial information and only a death date in addition to birth place, birth date and parents.

Unlike other research companies, ForGenerations does a variety of screening searches to reduce duplications of already completed temple work. While the result is fewer cleared temple names, it means you are more likely doing work for people who really need it rather than work that has already been done. We believe this is a better service for you our clients and the ancestors you are seeking to help.


Much like ethnic research, LDS research may contain several layers of research for the country, language, and culture or customs of the people for that area requiring specialization of researchers that changes by geographic location. Forgenerations has experience dealing with these LDS groups.

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