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TOP QUESTIONS – Frequently asked Questions

What do you do?
Why should I choose your company?
How much does it cost?
How long does a project take to do?
What do I need to start?
How is your product differentiated from that of your competition?
What experience does your company have?

Q1. What do you do?

ForGenerations,  provides you with Genealogy Research Services and Family History Research Services  including 1.) Geographical Research (U.S., British Isles, England, German, Scandinavian, etc.) 2.) Ethnic Research (Native American, Jewish, etc.) 3.) File & document organization and data entry (organizing, sorting, sifting, computer input, sourcing and more) 4.) Heir/Asset Recovery Research, 5.) Adoption Research and other related services and products.

Q2. Why should I choose your company?

We educate our clients.  Free consultation and proposal, Better customer service, Account Management, More research, better research, more computerized sourcing and documenting, better quality control. Better value for your money.  We explain why we do things and why its better for you, how it saves you time, money, and gives you more.  Better informed clients is good for you and us.

Q3. How much does it cost?

Research service costs vary based on location, time period, languages, and the type of service whether Research, Consulting, Computer work, etc.  Generally rates are $30-60.00 per hour and done on a project budget. Entry level projects are about $1,200.00, and can involve one (1) or more sessions.  Grouped (Groups of Projects, usually multiple lines) are $5,000-20,000.00 budgets and preferred projects are annual budgets of $20,000.00-100,000.00 or more. Installment programs are also available as well as tax deductible and referral programs.  Our rates are generally better than many professional companies due to many cost saving practices.  Also rates of competitors frequently do not provide the quality or quantity of services we do.  We also don’t have any hidden fees or additional charges over budget as seen in other companies. Larger budgets for grouped or preferred projects allow greater value.  Less time is spent in coming back up to speed by researchers because of time between research. Better and more research results for less meaning greater value.  It’s like getting a volume discount.  Plus you get it sooner.  Imagine multiple researchers working on multiple lines at the same time.  You don’t have to wait as long.  You can get as much research done with us in a year that has taken other companies 5-20 years for the same dollars and get more research and services than others done sooner.

Q4. How long does a project take to do?

Generally 4-12 weeks per project.  We notify you should delays due to correspondence or other items be necessary.  (We frequently see others with 4-12 month lead times.  We’re faster, more detailed, and we provide email, phone and other status updates not done by others.

Q5. What do I need to start?

Copies of whatever information you have.  If you have little information to start it can be done over the phone.  If you have documents, or family group sheets or computer files, we ask for copies to check the information, review the locations for available sources or documents to check, spend some time locating documents if necessary to prove the some of the pedigree information and this let’s us know what we can propose for services, fees, and time frames in a proposal to you free of charge.  We then review the proposal with you, and if it meets your approval setup the project objectives, budget and necessary paperwork to start.

Q6. How is your product differentiated from that of your competition?

We are constantly working to improve our work utilizing tools or the latest resources or methods available.  Always working on learning and improving from feedback from clients, staff, and others.  We provide more:

a.  Education of you as a prospective and continuing client, about your family history, family history basics, the process in sessions and projects and work involved.
b.  Detailing of project specifications.  We ask you more specific questions, take thorough notes and checklists,  and get you more of what you want and expect. Utilizing forms and checklists to avoid missing things.
c. Preliminary research and proposals.  Most companies just give a budget amount and go to work.  We get all your information, evaluate it, then make proposals to you and discuss recommendations and options with you, again educating you, the client, and getting you more of what you want.
d. Research summaries – A page detailing your results, specific recommendations for you that others scatter in reports or don’t provide for you.
e. Automated research tracking – We efficiently track all phases of your project and use resource management rather than less effective manual procedures.
f. More research hours for you with as good or better researchers than others.  We allocate more time and screen, peer review, evaluate research projects and individual staff more for your benefit than others.
g. More thorough documenting of your sources in family group sheets printouts and computer genealogy programs that help in your future research or questions.
h. More research oversight of your projects or sessions in research before and after completion.  Also, if multiple sessions.
i. Contact management and Client Relationship Management for you by automated tools for better sales, account management, and customer service.  We track all your calls in and out, schedule Followups, document all calls and items done, sent, received, etc.
j. We contact the you, the client, more frequently about progress on the projects or sessions.  Delays, Correspondence, or specific exciting news.
k. More research services and options for you.  We provide you with more related services.  Using the research to write a family history, or a video, or gather and clean up photos, or heraldry/coats of arms, wall charts, trips and more.
l. More programs to help you, our clients – Charitable donations, corporate programs, family organization programs, billing programs.

We provide you with a Wider range of services, tax deductions, family organization programs,  affordable and competitive rates and pricing, registry and surname focused services.

Q7. What experience does your company have?

Our management team consists of seasoned genealogical and computer product industry professionals totaling over 100 years of industry experience. Most of our staff have 5-30 years of industry experience, university, or technical training.

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