Myth – My Genealogy is all done

Everytime I hear someone tell me their genealogy is all done, I just smile.

After over 35 years involvement in family history and genealogical research I have yet to meet anyone with it all done. Other research professionals smile too.

Why – What does all done mean? An individual surname line.? Four (4) generations? Back to immigrant ancestor? As much as can be done because records are not currently available (end of line)?

Does all done mean just an ancestral surname line like Clemans. Well unless you link into royalty and have the bible or other canonized sources you probably are lucky if you can go back to the early 1600’s.

Some people think doing four (4) generations means its all done. Since all members of the LDS Church are encouraged to work in family history, some members in the LDS Church have that misconception. Many years ago people were encouraged to start by doing their four generations. You – Your parents, Your Grandparents, Your Great-Grandparents (That’s four generations or possibly one more from you) That’s at least a start.

Some people just say it’s all done because they don’t know. Perhaps its time to start. Start asking relatives to see what’s been done and look at it. If your not sure consult a professional to review it and propose what can be done.

So the next time someone tells you their geneology is all all done – Think again and investigate. The answers may surprise you.

One last thought if you are concerned about proxy ordinance work, submission rules change(who can be sealed, when they can be submitted/105 year cutoff, etc), availability of information changes, maybe its time to re-visit and review, you may be surprised what you find.

Don’t forget to look at multiple wives and children of theirs, adoptions and children born out of wedlock, they are easily overlooked.

To new surprises, James.


My Genealogy is all done.

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