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Whether you’re just starting research, have some research done but not well documented or have lots of research documented but a problem that hasn’t been solved; we can help.

We gather and review what work has been done by taking what information you or others you know have, checking for information by others you don’t know about, and then propose options on how to proceed.  You decide if you want us to do any of the proposed options or other ideas you have.

Our minimum research sessions are budgeted for $1,200.00 or more for best results and may be tax deductible.  Find out more.

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If budget is a problem as about our Installment, Family Organization Programs, Gift Giving and Gift Certificates, and Tax deductible options.

 More about research ….
1. No Prior Research – Preliminary Research, New Research.

2. Prior Research Done
a. Existing Research – some work done but incomplete, need help,
b. Surname Research.

Preliminary Research – Creation of a research plan, review of county biographies/histories, surname searches utilizing Family History Catalog, Social Security Death Index, databases Ancestral File (AF), International Genealogical Index (IGI), Pedigree Resource Filer (PRF), Rootsweb, Genforum, and Other databases and sites may also be checked to see what research has been done, along with reviewing source and documentation, verification of research,  and suggesting research plan(s).

Full – New Research – (Just beginning research or starting on a new individual) Creation of a research plan, preliminary survey if not conducted, research of primary and secondary sources based on research budget and plan. 

Sample Summary & Research Report

Research Plan/Research Calendar – A research plan identifies the goals and objectives.   Who will be researched, what you are looking for – birth, death; and the types of records and extensiveness of the research.

Existing Research, Consulting, Problem research – (Working with an individuals data for who some research has been completed)  Creation of a research plan, review of existing research done, verify the validity of sources and documentation of the existing research, in-depth analysis of what has been documented, what not and suggested research plan(s).

Surname Registries/Research These are significant repositories for research online, also subscription services to access the repositories, also undocumented and documented submissions.  All subscriptions/ memberships include services based upon what has been done and is needed.  Types of membership include annual, multi-year, lifetime or founder.  All fees go to data entry, posting, verification, preliminary and new research depending on the information provided or needed.

Research Areas: 

*All research services require a deposit or pre-payment for project(s) or service(s).

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