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ForGenerations Company Profile

ForGenerations was started to:

  • Improve upon Professional Genealogist Research and Family History Research services to you. More services, better professional genealogist research, better sourcing, better service.
  • Improve upon and provide other related services offered by family history and genealogical service researchers and companies so you don’t have to go five (5) or ten (10) places to get what you can get with us. One-stop.
  • We are constantly looking for ways to provide you greater value and service.  Automation in all phases (Marketing, Sales, Account and Contact Management, Accounting, Order Processing, Order Tracking, Customer Service, Production Tracking, Research, Correspondence) are some of the ways we do that for you.

We recognized and worked on solving the following:

  • Most professional genealogist researchers and companies don’t understand and utilize technology effectively.  Or use any technology sometimes at all. Many do things the same or with little change over what they’ve done for the last ten to thirty (10-30) years.
  • Most professional genealogist researchers and many research companies don’t return your calls
  • Most don’t use email or use it well
  • Most don’t provide you with proposals or analysis for you prior to funding
  • Some provide you with false guarantees or promises
  • Most don’t offer you any or many other related services
  • Most don’t update you on project status
  • Most don’t track your projects well
  • Most professional genealogist researchers or other research companies have no account managers to assist you
  • Most have no manual or automated customer service for you,
  • Most have no manual or automated contact management for you
  • Many have little or no quality control/peer review of your projects
  • Most have no automated production tracking for your projects.
  • Most Professional Genealogist Researchers are known for lack of follow-up. Unless you reach them you won’t hear back about anything.

We also look to continually provide ways or programs to assist clients and professionals. Such as:

  • Tax deductions for you
  • Business write-offs/Corporate Programs for you or your company
  • Family Organization Programs and procedures for you and your relatives
  • Installment, Billing and Budget Programs (entry level, grouped, annual/preferred) for you and your family
  • Entry level, grouped, and preferred production Workflow programs for you and your family
  • Others programs will continue to be created.  
  • Educating You is something we spend the time to do.  

We believe educating you, our clients, helps you understand the research process, methods, and more to help you better understand the value we provide over other companies.

Newsletters and other methods will be utilized and evolve to increase this.

Our company’s services include professional genealogist and research services and do it yourself and assisted professional genealogist research and professional family history research services.  We work with you to do parts of the work you don’t want to do.  

The company’s product portfolio also includes genealogy books, genealogy printing and photographic, internet and computer products focused on genealogy, family history and family.


To further advance the quality and quantity of genealogical research and family history research for you by utilizing technological and advanced business practices and programs.  To provide you, the customers, with quality affordable research services that more effectively utilize resources of you, the customers, and researchers.



ForGenerations Company Profile.

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