PAF Insight Flaws

While PFA Insight by Ohana Software is a good product it has its flaws.

PAF Insight is a useful tool for a variety of fixes for PAF (Personal Ancestral File) Genealogy software program. Its a combination of add ons to the free program originally created and donated to the LDS Church by author Gaylon Findlay (see Ancestral Quest/Incline Software) and other blog on this.

PAF Insight has a big user base as a software add on for checking IGI (International Genealogical Index) online database for temple ordinance information. Unfortunately it has its flaws with name variations of given and surname. While it does better on given names, soundex and spelling variations on surnames are not properly checked/matched.

Users will also find that results differ when running it more than once. Some run it six or seven times. Computers are great tools but can’t do everything. So while the program has it’s place and is a helpful tool, Remember to check the names individually with various spelling variations on manual lookups outside of PAF Insight. The results of finding additional information to update ordinance fields will suprise you and reduce duplications. So let’s reduce duplications everyone.

And don’t forget, if you are just running names through PAF Insight that you pulled from Ancestral File (AF) you are making a big mistake. Read the AF disclaimer in other articles on this blog or on all printed AF pages, and either document and verify the information before submitting it or hire a qualified professional researcher or research company that does heavy screening of names. Ask about their processes and if they don’t do enough checking find a good company like ours. (shameless plug)

[2011 Update – PAF Insight has a better updated version Called Family Insight. All users should upgrade as this improves and fixes many issues with PAF Insight.]

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