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Projects are conducted with a set budget to provide optimum results.  We recommend beginning research with a minimum budget of $1200-$1500.00 for most beginning projects.  After the initial project is completed multiple $1200.00 projects are recommended for most effective research progress/results. Annual budgets or group budgets allow fastest results and save time and money. Upon completion of a request for services work order, you will be mailed and/or faxed our information packet and a copy of the request for services form for you to sign in order to schedule your project(s). You will also receive a blank pedigree chart to complete in order for you to provide us with information to begin research. 

It is common for ForGenerations to do an initial consultation or preliminary research at ForGenerations expense in order to propose what can be done for the client.  Since this is research the client is only entitled to any research, preliminary or otherwise after payment has been made in full for the project.  In the event of choosing payment plan rather than full prepayment  the project is only deliverable upon full payment.  Project updates are provided prior to delivery for installment and regular projects.

Return Policy: Since payment is for services, an order can only be cancelled within the first three (3) business days for full refund if payment is made by check and directly to ForGenerations.  Received payment or a completed Request for Service Work Order are both or either is considered finalization of an order.   After such all orders are considered final and all research services, fees, and expenses, are billable.   Once a project is started it may be cancelled but the project will be summarized and all research services work done, correpondence or materials or expenses for the project including processing and shipping fees will be deducted prior to any refund.

Professional FEES  and  Tax Deductions

PAYMENT METHOD: Check, Visa or Mastercard   Installment payments can also be setup for monthly, quarterly or annual payments.

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